Hive352 Inc. is a non-profit 501c3 organization

What is Art?

Believe it or not, there is actually a fair amount of debate as to how to answer this question.  However, when seeking a more complete answer, all philosophical and/or scientific discussion eventually drills down to another question:



Put another way, what is the point? Why do it at all? 


We seek to make the answer to this question the foundation of our creative enterprise. Because doing so will put our work in service to the fundamental needs and drives found in all people. It places the work beyond anachronistic politics of any given time. And it ensures the inherent virtue is preserved in all creative efforts. Rather than being yet another theater company setting out to “challenge audiences”, or be one more filmmaking movement convinced of its own correct and true principals, or an enclave of painters or writers with strong opinions and no true audience, this organization seeks to nurture and understand the act of creativity itself. 

Why is Art?

We believe that the arts are important because art manifests itself in every human endeavor.

Everyone, therefore, is an artist.

Art, and the creativity that produces it, is a human instinct.


Hone that instinct to its highest level, and it enriches everything it touches. 


That, therefore, is our goal:

to create, support, and nurture artistic endeavors to their highest possible level. Because those who rise to great challenges, even ones they give themselves,

become great people. 

We seek the largest and widest possible audience. Not to placate our egos, but because we wish to create thriving communities. And because there is strength in difference. 


We seek not to challenge audiences, but to connect with them. Because art is an act of communication. Communication works best by fostering empathy and understanding (And because preaching belongs in a pulpit, not in art). 

Great art elevates us all.

It brings us closer to being our best self.
It gives us the tools and capacity to solve any problem,
face any challenge, and win any contest. 

It allows us to thrive in the present. 

It will be what prevents us from destroying ourselves. 

That is why art is important. 

That is why you do it.




Catherine Karow

Artistic Director

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Kenya Robinson


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Tom Puketza


We at Hive have worked hard to foster representation from all different walks of life to help us reach our goals together as a collective. Every board member is highly qualified and respected in their fields. They each bring a unique wisdom which we highly value. They work tirelessly to support our collective members to the best of our ability.