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Our goal as an organization is to help local creatives follow through on their dreams and make what they envision. Lack of support was not only financial, but social as well.  We realized the local area is teeming with artists, many of whom we've never met. We want to meet you, we want to nurture the artists in this community and eventually create a physical location to do just that. To meet this goal, we need to raise money. We decided early on we would host social events throughout the year with the goal of not only spreading the word that we exist, but as a source of fundraising for our organization. 

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We at Hive have worked hard to foster representation from all different walks of life to help us reach our goals together as a collective. Every board member is highly qualified and respected in their fields. They each bring a unique wisdom which we highly value. They work tirelessly to support our collective members to the best of our ability.